Come Visit South Dakota! You may not even know you want to…yet

Aren’t Corey and Gino charming? No? Well, they are…after you get to know them, honest. I miss those two, all hanging out on Long Island and shit. And here’s why…

As a Master’s of Science in Biology, I need to complete a thesis on my own research project. I chose to study nursing behavior in bison in the great state of South Dakota. I know you’re probably racking your brain trying to figure out where South Dakota is on the map, so I’ve provided one. You should give it a quick scan to refresh your memory of the other 49 (if you knew were South Dakota was, give yourself a cookie).


It’s a quickly forgotten state. Even though I came here last summer, my friends still thought I was returning to Nebraska, Montana, or even just Dakota to avoid choosing one of two options and being wrong. Who can blame them? There’s not much in South Dakota to make it memorable. Sure, it’s got the Badlands and Mount Rushmore – which I recommend visiting, breathtaking landscape – but it has to compete with the Grand Canyon and Disneyland. There’s a reason South Dakota isn’t dubbed the happiest place on Earth (the government).

Maybe I can help turn that image around. Tourism helps fuel South Dakota’s economy and if I can help the economy, maybe President Obama will personally thank me in a handwritten letter or a weekend visit. Hey, a girl can dream. That’s why I’ve decided to showcase some fun facts about South Dakota along with my own personal knowledge gained from a combined 4 months of residence:

First, when I searched “Fun facts for…”, “Fun facts for South Dakota” ended up being the second most searched phrase on Google. That alone should spark your curiosity.

Sturgis is home of the annual Black Hills Classic Motorcycle Rally. I’ve been to this rally and it’s no joke. There are bikers everywhere. I wore black to fit in. They had no idea.

The weather is fabulous if you like unpredictability, endless winter and blazing hot summers. You’ll get a great tan.

There are three major cities in South Dakota. Sioux Falls is to the east, Pierre is in the middle and Rapid City is on the West. That’s it.

The people are extremely friendly. Many drivers will wave to complete strangers often making me feel guilty when I’m not fast enough to wave back.

The gas prices go as low as $3.13/gal which feels remarkably close to heaven.

The sunset here is so beautiful that it is a great reminder that you have no one to enjoy it with and how unbelievably single you are. But, if you’re in a relationship you can gaze into each others eyes and be in love blah, blah, blah.

Their state bird is the ring-necked pheasant. It was introduced from Asia as a game bird. Not native to SD. Good choice.

Odds of living here and adopting a stray dog are very high. In my experience, it’s nearly 100%.

How can you say no?
$5 if you can guess his name…

There’s an actual law in Spearfish, SD, that if you see at least three Native American men walking together down the street they can be considered a war party and be legally shot at. This law should not be followed.

Great place to meet guys if you want to know what it’s like to think you’ll be murdered on your first date.

South Dakota is home to the Black Hills and the Badlands, great places to hide bodies (hence my earlier fear).

If you live outside one of the three previously stated cities, odds are you have over an hour to get anywhere near civilization. Yes, I judge civilization based on if that city has a Wal-mart. You’re higher society if there’s a Target too.

I currently reside in Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

There, I’ve given you MORE than enough reasons to visit. I’ll be expecting you.

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