Get The Manischewitz Ready! Princesses Long Island Is Coming This Sunday!

As the only female author of this blog I feel it is my duty to even out the testosterone with so much estrogen you might start menstruating. The best way I can do this is by discussing my guilty feminine pleasure (down, boys), one of them being Bravo TV. Sure, there’s some straight guy programming (Top Chef and Million Dollar Listing), but the general target audience is women and the gay community. And we love it.

One of the newest shows in the summer line-up is Princesses Long Island. Let the JAPs of the world unite in song! Specifically, the dreidel song because let’s be honest, that’s the most universally known song we’ve got. At first I was skeptical. I felt embarrassed and offended that Jewish Long Island women are going to be portrayed as wild, desperate, prisses. Let me tell you, we already have a tough time fighting off that stereotype. But then I thought, hey, I’m none of those things (only desperate on occasion)! As long as I can disconnect from the characters it’ll be entertaining, not demeaning, and I can happily watch them ruin their lives from the comfort of my couch.

I’ve heard mixed opinions about the show through friends, family and our old friend Facebook. Some people are mortified that this takes place on LI but will concede to numbing brain cells in order to recognize locations or search for familiar faces. Others are just as excited as I am! There’s such promise for out of control drama! Six women all searching for an NJB (Nice Jewish Boy – who knew?) is a recipe for great entertainment (a recipe Bravo improves with time). Plus, I have the opportunity to see into my future if I’m still single at 30. God knows I’m going to be desperate. If I know a Bravo reality series, there is going to be unlimited sobbing, barbaric hair pulling and drunken antics. The key to success.

What I’m most looking forward to, besides everything I just mentioned, is seeing my people with their own TV show. Now I’m not just talking about Jewish women, although it’s about time, but Long Islanders. Some of the best shows have taken place on LI: Everybody Loves Raymond, Long Island Medium and one episode of Friends. The location alone gives me hope that the series will be a success. I’m only disappointed that Bravo didn’t accept my application. Something about being too young, not whiny enough and too poor to be exciting – I’m paraphrasing here. I’ll show them! I would have been a great asset to the Bravo family. Whater, Andy. See if I accept your invitation to the Clubhouse when I’m famous. Ah, I take that back! That…that was a lie. I love you, Andy Cohen!

So everyone tune it to Bravo this Sunday, June 2nd at 9:00 PM EST and catch the season premier! You won’t regret it. And if you do, at least it can’t give you an STD, at least that’s what my doctor said.

I’ll leave you with the poorly publicized (even Bravo is ashamed) to give you an idea of the awesomeness that is Princesses Long Island:

I’ll be live tweeting during the show (aka have my phone in hand) if anyone wants to chat about theses fine ladies!


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