Why Girl Code is Stupid or a Couple Reasons the Fairer Sex Aren’t Bros

Girl Code is stupid.  Not the show, but the actual concept of girls having a “code”.  Actually now that I mention it the show is pretty dumb too and it was during one of their highly informative episodes that I first experienced this revelation.  Now I’m not just hating on the “Girl Code” show because “Guy Code” can be pretty useless and it seems like they’re oftentimes catering to 16 year old kids with some of their “advice”.  Wait, it’s on MTV2? You’re kidding? Damn I’m acting like one of those cranky old people.  Anyway like I said I’m not hating so much on the show as I am critical of the concept of girls having a code.  It’s much better to criticize the fraternity of and interactions between a whole gender than one show on the second station of a network that’s supposed to be devoted to playing music.  So here goes.

I’ll begin this by saying that just because a group of people have a high probability of experiencing the same things does not mean that it constitutes a “code”.  People love to be a part of things, whether they’re trends, fads, or, well, anything really.  If only “Facebook Likes” could manifest into real results we’d have a surplus of food in Africa, cancer would be obliterated, Kony wouldn’t have killed all of those kids or whatever he did, all burn-rape-sodomy-genetic-AIDS-fat-whatever victims would be healed and the NSA would stop spying on everyone.  My point is that people love to be a part of shit, and more importantly, they love it when others see how a part of everything they are.  You’ve probably seen this yourself, whether on Facebook or whatever or in real life.  Everyone has that friend who has to know what everyone is talking/laughing about/discussing/reading on their phone.  I’m looking at you for this one, Bill.  That was a mini rant that I could devote a whole other post to but my point is that commonality does not necessarily translate into some kind of code, rule, or agreement.  I’m sorry women, just because you have your bloody show once a month for decades does not make you all bros.  I know this because most of you hate each other.  Even the ones you claim to like.

Now I’m sure some of you women are raging but part of you has to know that it’s true. You love each other until you don’t and then will stab each other in the back “because, like, she’s a bitch and deserves it.”  You’ll talk behind the back of whichever member of the group isn’t there until she gets there and then you all love each other. You might be pissed now, saying “but guys are worse! They are suuch gossipers.” That’s true, but if the guys you know aren’t a band of pusses then they probably have no qualms with saying whatever they say behind each other’s backs to their face. That makes it inherently better.

Another reason girls don’t have a code is because they have no qualms with stealing each other’s boyfriends/girlfriends/family/those-nice-jeans-I-just-bought. Dudes may have no issue with getting with a chick who he knows has a boyfriend, but that’s generally only if she’s pretty hot and isn’t dating one of his bros. A chick will take the dude of their best friend and try to justify it with some thinly veiled justification based on their “emotions” and shit.

I’m not criticizing women here or saying any of this is bad. Well actually I kind of am but that’s just what I do. All I’m really saying is you can’t pretend like you have some kind of code or agreement y’all follow. Agree? Disagree? I don’t need to hear about it but you’re welcome to comment your response.



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