So Instagram Vines Now

Twitter went a little crazy yesterday about Instagram adding the ability to post videos now and creating competition with the app Vine.

Originally, Instagram was the app for pictures and Vine was the app for 6 second videos. Vine has only been around since 2012 and is owned by Twitter. As far as I know, Vine was just beginning to pick up steam and develop a following with about 13 million users. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but when compared to Instagram’s 130 million users, it’s a tad underwhelming. I just added the app a few months ago. Granted, I barely use it, but it’s there and by God I’ll have the option!

Twitter and Instagram don’t exactly get along. Instagram was feeling cheated by Twitter, so they pulled their photos from tweets and instead post a link to their website. Instagram also has the right to sell your photos that you post. Forget any photo cred for that beautifully angled beer you just posted. Boom! Sold. Oh, you captured the magnificence of the New York City skyline for your followers viewing pleasure? Boom! NYC Tourism wants that shit and Instagram just profited. Not you. Sucker.

Well, Instagram, you’ve hit a new low. Stealing the idea of a Twitter owned company to benefit your own is unfair play and I won’t stand for it! No, I’m not going to delete your app. I like posting cute pictures of my pets and adding crazy filters to the scenery. Psh, and if there’s no filter you better believe I hashtag “no filter” so people know that there is absolutely no filter. That shit’s real! I also rarely update my apps, so I don’t even think I’m capable of making a video on Instagram. Hell, I just figured out how to make a video on snapchat and that’s only after asking Corey via snapchat how to make one (Read this if you’re unfamiliar with snapchat).

So boo to you Instagram! You’re known for sharing pictures, not videos. Stick with what you know and let other apps do their thing. And by the way, Facebook owns Instagram. You know Mark is behind this. Whatever, now Vine just has some motivation to improve it’s software. You can’t have everything, Mark. First Facebook, then a movie where Jesse Eisenberg plays you, and now Instagram shares video? Take it easy, bro. Live a little. Go on date nights.

Maybe I’m getting carried away. Perhaps this is just a natural way to continue the growing process of Instagram and media sharing. But I can still be sour about it! Maybe it’s because the only videos I’ve been taking are of bison, not exactly A-grade material here. And I’m sure people will post videos on Instagram. It’s inevitable. And allowed. Don’t be surprised if your video ends up in a commercial. Make sure you get that credit on IMDB. Claim to fame. Mail me an autograph. To Toby, Best Regards (your name).

Sorry, I’m rambling and I’m tired and I’m going to Wyoming tomorrow (today). Just living the life! Be jealous.

Will post videos on Instagram and Vine to even the playing field.
Instagram: @tobyjaye
Follow me if you like bison. And my middle name.

Klein Out. Clunk. (dropped the mic)


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