Restoring Faith In America

It’s about time this blog featured a happy story. One that applauded peoples’ behavior as opposed to bashing it. Hope you’re mentally prepared for this change of pace.

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my college teammate Julie, she’s pretty awesome,


in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The place is pretty awesome too.


Yeah, your jaw just dropped. Now pick it up and continue reading.

I basically drove 10 hours to her on Friday, spent the day in Yellowstone National Park on Saturday and left Sunday morning bright and early. Totally worth it. Julie went ahead and rented this lil’ guy so we could travel in style.


Yeah, we were classy. And conspicuous. In the best way possible. Did I mention we also had matching t-shirts and visors? She really thought of everything.


On the way to Yellowstone, we took pictures at various viewpoints because let’s face it, this place is gorgeous. In order to get to Yellowstone you need to drive through Grand Teton National Park. There is a sign upon entering the park where we asked a foreign couple to take our picture. They replied “no”…and made it really awkward. We kind of stood there, confused, until the man smiled and walked toward us with his hand outstretched. Jokesters. Julie handed him her phone to take the picture and I decided that my camera should not be visible in the picture. The hot pink Canon and black wrist string are such an eye sore. So, being the genius that I am, I hid the camera inside the car in the nook of the open back window. It’s unfortunate that I have such poor short term memory because I completely forgot about it after taking a series of one picture and returned to the passenger seat. It wasn’t until we got here, ten minutes later, that I realized my camera was gone.


I tried to act as calm as possible. We scoured the camaro for my camera without luck. I knew it had to have flown out somewhere. We turned around right at the beginning of our adventure and backtracked in hopes of spotting the camera in the grass. On the way, a car drove past and honked at us. We’re in a camaro so my first thought was that they were appreciating the car or the two hotties sporting visors. Both can be true. Julie had a hunch they found my camera but I wouldn’t hear it! We continued on for what seemed like 30 minutes until we reached the first sign. Nope, no camera. Duh. As we pulled into the last place we stopped a car drove by and the driver was waving a hot pink camera out the window! Julie screamed! When the car pulled behind us I sprinted toward them and nearly peed from excitement! The driver placed my camera into very shaky hands. I was in complete disbelief!


This family followed us for 20 minutes just to return a camera to a stranger! I had this fierce urge to jump through the window and hug all four passengers. I resisted. We were already the girls driving around in a bright yellow camaro, no need to add insane to the list. The family witnessed the camera fly from the car, picked it up off the road and kept their eyes peeled for a slow moving yellow sports car.

What was even crazier was that the camera was fine! Aside from being traumatized by being forgotten and left for dead, that baby still took some great pictures.


Alright, they’re okay. I’m not a professional. Psh, I still use my college camera. Anyway, just remember that there are still good people out there. I’d like to personally thank Manny, Carmen, Mya and Josie for reminding me how selfless people can be. I hope you all enjoyed your road trip and returned safely to L.A. You guys are my new favorite people. There are still good people in the world. Thank goodness! I was getting worried for a second. I dare the NSA to find shit on them!

Let’s continue to restore faith in America and hear about any good deeds you’ve encountered either as the receiver or receivee. Not sure that’s a word. Today it is. Today, it…is.


2 thoughts on “Restoring Faith In America

  1. I forgot all about your Dakota blog! Now I have some serious catching up to do. You keep writing them and I’ll start reading them again.

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