Saturday Tips or My Short 18 Tips for Summer List

I figured I’d continue the summer theme with a quick summer tips post.  I guess Saturdays are “tips days” for now.

Beach Pictured: One Not Near My House

Beach Pictured: One Not Near My House

Here goes, in no particular order:

  1. Make sure have tabs on when your local eateries close, unless you’re willing to make a trip.
  2. Barbecue your steaks to medium-rare, or don’t eat the shit.
  3. Bring more than one towel to the beach (2).
  4. Go outside when you have the chance.
  5. Get off at the correct exit.
  6. Eat ice cream.
  7. Show up.
  8. Tequila.
  9. I bet you thought I was going to make this one shorter.
  10. Anything can be made into a bet.
  11. Give your friends more than a half hour to get ready for a plan.
  12. Take two minutes to put sunscreen on or four days putting aloe on.
  13. You’re either off from school or working or doing something but weekends are short. Utilize.
  14. Have your fun.
  15. Don’t wear basketball shorts to the bar/club.  There’s a good shot you don’t get in.
  16. Schrodinger’s Bar: when meeting your friends who are already inside, said friends are both near the closer entrance to you and further entrance from you as you pick an entrance to approach.  It isn’t until you pick an entrance that you find out they’re always closer to the opposite entrance.
  17. Guard your drink.  Shit’s expensive.
  18. Leave no man behind unless you get the signal, or a sloppy drunk text telling you “fulck ofd, i got thi s oneE”

enjoy, people

Corey Aaron


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