We Want To Hear From You

Kram Comedy has been dutifully writing this blog since May and it’s about time we asked our readers what they’d like to read about. You, the reader, take time out of your undoubtedly busy internet schedule between Facebook and porn to click our link and see what’s new.

Now we’re asking what’s new with you? Is there anything you’d like us to discuss, share or bullshit about? We’re open to almost anything. Almost anything. As an American, we have the liberty of freedom of speech. We take advantage of that right with this blog and it’s not fair to exclude the blogless public. And you know America, we’re all about fairness and equality. Well, at least this is a start.

It’s time to involve the reader, not that we haven’t encouraged it, but this is a direct request and an opportunity to become part of the blog. There is a chance you may literally become part of the blog, but then you can narrate the post and tell jokes. It’s a win/win.

Please suggest a topic in the comments section or tweet us @tobyjaye19, @ginosaysstuff or @coreysstorynow.

We really do want to hear from you!

One thought on “We Want To Hear From You

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