Million Dollar Idea: A Real Housewives Convention

I have three words for you Andy Cohen and Bravo TV execs: Real. Housewives. Convention. You heard it here first! Unless you follow me on Twitter and saw me tweet about it a few weeks ago, to no avail I might add. I think this would be a wonderful way for Housewives lovers to band together and enjoy the women up close and personal. And by that I mean showing our favorites love and bad mouthing the crazy ones (aka Teresa and Vicki and Ramona…am I right?).

Last year one of the housewives from New Jersey, Teresa Guidice, was promoting her sparkling wine in my town. It was an opportunity I really didn’t want to pass up, even though I truly despise this woman. Sorry, Tre, but you’re awful. I brought a friend who equally despises her and we justified our endorsement by saying how close she is and how could we not? And I mean, how could we not? Yes, I realize we could have simply not gone blah, blah, blah, but it’s an experience! We love our experiences. At the signing we met another woman who hates the housewife as much as we do but also went anyway for the same reason. Hell, neither of us really liked the wine but we bought it anyway. We immediately bonded after talking about the show for a few minutes.

400902_10152073491195257_7519385_nFrom Left: Me, Teresa, Kim – Woman was as fake as her hair extensions

I realized this mini chat sess would be great on a grand scale.

Here’s the pitch: Think Comicon but lose the nerds and add women and gays. Brilliant! The women can give seminars and promote their brands (they have a lot…it’s like a franchise within a franchise) while meeting thousands of their fans all at once. All the ‘Housewives’ can be there! The OC women, New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Miami, but not DC, sorry, but no one really liked DC. And by no one I mean I didn’t even give DC a chance.

Here’s the kicker – some percentage of the proceeds go to……charity!! Part of the admission can even be to bring a small donation of canned food or a check. The women like checks. It’s what the Housewives would want. So many of them participate in charity work that it just seems appropriate to do some good deeds.

How many Housewives lovers would be totally up for this? Psh, I know I would. A few days spent at a convention center, preferably in NYC, cozying up to my favorite people and meeting fans as obsessed as I am. Imagine the publicity Bravo would get from an event like this. Personally, I think it’s a great idea and would be willing to help out in any way possible. So Andy, if you’re reading this, I’m currently unemployed and if hired will be able to devote my time to a RH Convention. Not sure what’s involved in management or PR, but for a healthy salary I’d be willing to learn at an extremely fast rate.

Spread the word Housewives fans! The only way to get this thing going is with support and a public outcry of demand!
What do we want?
A Real Housewives Convention!
When do we want it?
As soon as possible! Please!

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