Every Love Story Has A Beginning (Awww)

You know what I think one of the best parts about a relationship is? The story behind it, of course! If you said “sex”, you probably think one of the boys is writing this. Sorry, it’s Toby, the sentimental, romantic that adores a good love story. Maybe you’ll get lucky and someone will write a raunchy post full of explicit details not fit for children under 17…actually, they won’t, because that isn’t what we’re about. But for today, the post is going to be centered around the story behind a couples’ relationship.

One of my favorite questions to ask a couple is how they met. They’re usually interesting stories, not necessarily movie-worthy, but not boring. Come to think of it, are there boring “how we met” stories? Online dating seems like a boring one to me, but the first date story could really spice things up. Either way, I’m all about the story. It’s what makes the wedding speech. Yes, my friends and I already plan wedding speeches for weddings that are nowhere near existence. It keeps us occupied. Feel free to judge. I judge myself.

I’ve got a few exes that began with stories that could be considered cute and unique. I met my first boyfriend at a Rochester Rhinos game during preseason our freshman year. I happened to be sitting behind him, giggling with all the girls at how there are boys with us and spotted a bug crawling around in his hair. Me, being the kind soul that I am, informed him of the critter and I believe he then removed the bug from his locks. Pretty sure it wasn’t still in there by the time we dated. One of my favorite stories began in the library at my undergrad, good old SUNY Oswego. First of all, the library was one of the coolest places to be during the week and sometimes even the weekend. You could easily be procrastinating on any of the three floors and spot at least one person you knew and actually wanted to talk to. So if anyone says the library isn’t cool, you tell them Toby said it is! Anyway, I was in the library studying for organic chemistry (yeah, you like that) and needed help from my tutor who happened to be there. He was sitting at a table with one of his friends and the friend and I exchanged greetings and that was that. Throughout the semester I’d pass the friend on campus and we’d wave hello and smile, make eye contact, nothing too crazy. On the last day of classes, Oswego has this town-wide bar crawl that everyone participates in. It’s kind of a big deal. Look it up. Well, the guy and I randomly bumped into each other, exchanged numbers and went out the next day! Great story, right? I thought so. If you didn’t like that one, I’ve got a creepy one for ya. Not every story starts in the library.

Okay, so here’s my creepy story. To be honest, I’m a little embarrassed at how this went down, but feel comfortable enough to write about it. Lucky you. Last summer while I was in South Dakota, I visited a reptile park and was very impressed with one of the animal show guys. After the show I tried to talk to him, but could not. Not one word would come out. Not even “sup”. I left defeated and still yearning to talk to this guy. Yes, yearning. Sick, right? That night I consulted a friend if I should try and contact this guy. With her seal of approval I proceeded to Google the guy in order to acquire his last name so I could creep him on Facebook. It worked. Thank you, Internet. And thank you Facebook for making messaging an extremely easy and awkward form of communication with total strangers! I literally started my message with “This may be the creepiest thing I’ve ever done, but…”. Breezy, Tob. Well, folks, the guy took the bait. We went on a couple dates, tried the long distance thing, failed at the long distance thing and went our separate ways. But we’ll always have that story. That ridiculous, creepy as fuck story.

And that is why I believe these stories are so important. They kind of dictate the relationship. For example, my grandma set me up with her friend’s grandson’s friend. You follow that? The only reason we’re being set up is because they’re trying to pair a nice Jewish boy with a nice Jewish girl. Isn’t that so Fiddler on the Roof? If it works out we’ve got an adorable Jewish grandmother matchmaker story! My parents met through a personal ad for my mom in the newspaper. Prehistoric online dating, as some like to call it aka no one. My aunts wrote an ad for my mom and my dad answered. Charming little story, huh?

Maybe I’ve watched too many romantic comedies with inventive ways to introduce the main characters to each other. Some of those stories have to be based on truth right? Eh, a girl can dream.

Well, I think I’ve shared enough for one day. Your turn! Tell us your ‘how you met’ story in the comments or tweet me @tobyjaye19


3 thoughts on “Every Love Story Has A Beginning (Awww)

  1. Two favorites: an ex and a best friend
    -best friend: went into work early one morning to train a new guy. I was already annoyed and when I found out that management had someone else train him and I got up early for nothing, I wasn’t the nicest and took it out on him, (“ok, so we need to read this-” “oh, I did that already” “well, aren’t you just friggen wonderful!” *stomped away*). Turns out it was the best thing I could’ve done because he turned to the girl who trained him and said, “see that girl? The loud one? She’s gonna be my best friend”. Still best friends 3 years later.
    Ex: friend asks if I want to grab a drink after work. I agree. She turns around and goes, “Bob! She’ll be there!”. I was ambushed. Apparently, it was a grand scheme he had been planning for 6 weeks because he was too shy to ask himself. We dated a year and a half because of that. Still very precious to me.

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