The Cheerios Commercial Scandal

The other day this video was shared on Facebook and I clicked it. For most, this sentence is usually followed by “…and then I got a virus”, but this particular video was not of naked women or people doing something wildly inappropriate. It was just of a Cheerios commercial that has been perceived as wildly inappropriate. The entire video is centered around a group of children and young teens and their opinions on the commercial in addition to thoughts about racism. Check it out, it’s definitely worth the full almost 10 minutes.

I hope you made it through. If not, just watch the initial commercial and see how it sits. Did the interracial couple bother you? Did you want to protest in front of a school? Are you craving a nice big bowl of equality aka Cheerios? If you answered yes to the first two questions, its time to rethink your life. However, if we’re on the same page then you were generally unaffected by the commercial and, like the children, saw a cute little girl trying to help her daddy’s heart.

The fact of the matter is that there is no single definition of family. It is not one race, one religion or even one gender anymore. These children recognize that. I have hope in America’s future because of these few children. It brings me comfort that the youth is adopting such views of equality. But the thing is, they most likely come from liberal areas and understanding parents. It’s wonderful that these children are stronger than racism but I’d really like to know where they’re from. I’d like to know what their parents do, what kind of schools they go to. I think it would be helpful to our future if a little geography was involved, because these kids are fine. The area they come from are fine. But the kids that really have to be interviewed are the ones that will see a difference.

How different would that interview be if those kids came from say, parts of the midwest. I promise you they would notice almost immediately that there’s something fishy about that family. They’ll be able to tell you why people are upset. These are the kids you need to watch out for:

It’s unlikely that there are children out there just like the ones from Mean Girls, but it’s not impossible. Actually, never mind, I’d put money on it they’re out there…you’ve just gotta look in the right places. Let’s start in the red states, shall we? That interview needs to be redone with random children from those areas. Ask them the same questions and see what they say. Kids do say the darndest things! That’d be a great television segment (preferably hosted by Bill Cosby – wait…). If you really want to build an understanding of our future, then all children need to be evaluated, especially the ones that aren’t going to give you answers you expect. They’re going to give you answers that make your skin crawl and most likely produce a face of disgust. You may want to shake them until their brain suddenly realizes its error, but that won’t happen, and it’s child abuse and a bunch of other things, so don’t do it. You just have to sit there, quietly and calmly, listening to their bigoted responses because that’s the ways of their parents.

It’s starts with you, parents. Not all kids are going to recite their parents’ social views but many of them do. Let’s be smart now. It’s time to set America straight and give them a reality check. Hey, white people, enjoy being the majority while you can! It’s not forever! People of other color live here too and they procreate. I know, we stole this land hundreds of years ago from a different race and now all the races are taking it back! It’s called karma, Christopher Columbus. I’m proud of Cheerios for standing up for what they believe in. Cheerios is so American they used to have Olympics cheerios! How can you go against such a wholesome cereal? THE GIRL IS ONLY TRYING TO SAVE HER DAD’S LIFE BY APPLYING WHOLE GRAIN CHEERIOS ABOVE HIS HEART! How is that offensive????

Sorry for the relatively serious blog post, but this is just ridiculous.


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