Orange Is The New Black: The Best Show Not On Television

Ever since the Netflix original series debuted, I’d been hearing through Facebook and Twitter how amazing it was without really giving it a second thought. I wasn’t quite sure what the plot was and didn’t have any interest in watching a show about women in prison. How good could it be, right?

Let me tell you, it’s got an amazing concept. I’m only 6 episodes in, because I recently exercised a large amount of self-control (an uncommon feat), so I’m taking my time to enjoy the series. Basically, it starts off by following one woman’s story, Piper, and how she becomes incarcerated and how it affects her life. If you don’t connect with her as a character, you suck. Well, maybe not, but come on! She’s a decent reason to watch the show. But she’s not the only reason. I thought I’d get bored watching a show solely about one woman’s plight behind bars, and I would, however the show doesn’t revolve around just one story, oh no, you get more! The other women have backgrounds too and the show acknowledges that. So just in case you don’t like the main character, you get all these other supporting roles that you can root for. It’s genius! Honestly, right now it kind of reminds me of the LOST set up. The first season of LOST was the shit. Slowly, the story lines revealed connections, troubled pasts and made the characters real. This show does the exact same thing. Each episode involves a new character’s story, not quite revealing how they ended up in jail, but it allows the viewer to understand more of their personality and get to know them before they were felons.

For all those hopeless romantics out there looking for a love story to hold on to, there is one! The main character, Piper, is engaged to…Jason Biggs! Yup! He’s back in action! Didn’t think you’d see him after American Wedding, did ya. Actually, pretty sure he’s done stuff in between, but it’s clearly not memorable. Fortunately for him, this is memorable stuff. So yeah, they’re engaged and now we get to watch their relationship either crumble or strengthen while she’s doing her time. He also joins fellow American Pie cast mate whatever her name is, the lesbian one that’s friends with Tara Reid and talks to Finch. You know who I’m talking about. She’s reprising her role as lesbian and doing a bang up job. Love how committed she is. Another budding romance also blooms on the show, but I’ll keep those details to myself. Wouldn’t want to give anything away.

Women probably watch the show because of the fantastic writing, addicting story lines and interesting concept. Men probably watch the show for all of those things, as well as the insane amount of breasts and lesbian action. That’s right, boobs galore! Relatively unrelated, Laura Prepon, from That 70’s Show is a lesbian! Ever wondered what it’d be like if she and Jackie hooked up? Well, keep wondering, but you’re one step closer!

And if none of those reasons grabbed your attention, how about the fact that one of the characters, Yoga Jones, is actually the voice of a famous cartoon character? Who, you might ask? Patty Mayonnaise from Doug! She sounds exactly the same! Can’t wait to find out her story. Or any of the other ladies’ stories for that matter. I just want to know why they’re all in jai…oh excuse me, “away”. Ah!


P.S. – If you don’t have a Netflix account this should be enough reason to get one.

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