Why Don’t Guys Look For Funny?

To follow up yesterday’s post (which could not be more inaccurate), I’m going to discuss another conversation between myself and Simon. This time the topic is dating, specifically dating people that are funny (and I apologize for all the parentheses to come).

When I say “funny”, I don’t mean a “good sense of humor”. That’s a cop-out. Someone with a good sense of humor can find things funny, can laugh at good comedic timing, but they themselves may not be funny. Everyone’s got their own idea of funny, that’s what makes the world go round. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered my fair share of guys with a good sense of humor instead of my type of funny. To clarify even more, I don’t mean to say that they weren’t fun to be around, they just weren’t funny. And for me, that’s a deal-breaker.


This may come as a shock to some readers, but I like to think I’m funny. Make people laugh once in a while. Crack a joke. Have a witty comb. It’s not like I have a stand-up routine (yet) but it’s nice to hear people laugh when you say something (purposefully) funny. But I enjoy laughing just as much as I enjoy making other people laugh. Which is why it’s such an important characteristic in someone I date. I know there are funny guys out there, I’ve seen them. Just the same as I know there are funny girls out there, too! Psh, I think my friends are pretty hilarious. Sadly, a staggering majority of them already have boyfriends. Sadly because you can’t date them and sadly because I have actually been a 13th wheel.

However, for guys (as my research has concluded), funny girls aren’t a necessity; it’s a perk. Guys are more concerned about the girl appreciating his hilarity and laughing at his jokes. It’s cool if she’s funny as well, but it isn’t as important as, say, her appearance or her rack. Boobs or butt beats funny. They’d probably befriend the funny, not-super attractive girl before they’d date her (shit). If you’ve ever found yourself (as the girl) flirting with a guy (that you like), you’ll realize you’re smiling an exhausting amount and laughing at practically anything that comes out of his mouth. We do that because it’s what the guy wants. He finds that attractive. I mean, it’s always possible he hates laughter and cringes at the sound, but then he should crawl back into his hole of darkness where he belongs.

I realize not every girl is as picky about her man’s comedic ability as me. If you were to write down 5 non-negotiables about a guy would funny even make the list? Sometimes it’s just not important. But everyone needs to laugh. To be honest, I don’t even remember what the point of this post was. Probably half to ask why guys don’t need a funny girl and half to talk about myself.

But seriously, what’s the deal? Does being funny mean nothing in the dating world?
If so, then I’d better adopt more cats. At least they listen to my jokes.


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