Perks of Unemployment

It’s almost been a month since I’ve been back from South Dakota and that means I’ve been unemployed for almost 5 months. Yup, nearly half a year. It’s not so bad considering I’ve been “working” for 4 of those months, but now I’m back and “desperately” searching for a job. What I really am is desperately in need of a job. I’ll get that bartending job one day, but it is not this day. This day has been spent being Jewish and actually celebrating Rosh Hashana (correct spelling). And since about an hour or two is spent praying in Temple, I’ve had a lot of time to think, mostly because I don’t understand hebrew. So I was just thinking about how much time I’ve had recently due to my unemployment. You’d think unemployed people that live at home and are partially supported by their parents would be out enjoying life. Apparently 23 is supposed to be one of the best years of your life. I think I’ve been doing it wrong. Eh, oh well.

So here it is, the perks of being unemployed –
Not having a job has given me free time to:

Volunteer. I actually volunteer. Volunteers for Wildlife. Look it up. Wildlife Rehab Center. Probably the most useful way to bide my time.

Not go to the city. I’ve been to the city once since I’ve been back. Why? Peer pressure. Otherwise I’m not paying for a train ticket and then an expensive day in the city. Not having an income sucks.

Experience Dunkin’ Donuts at alternative times in the day, such as the afternoon. Normally, my DD trips are early in the morning. Now I can stroll in at 2pm and get an iced latte to give me energy to do nothing the rest of the day.

Not go to the gym. Well, I have gone to the gym. But so far I’ve refused to go in the afternoon. Which limits my opportunities. For no reason.

Pretend to clean my room. I’ve been back a month, you’d think my room would be spotless. Pretty sure my desk looks worse now than it did when I left.

Read. Started the Hobbit! Been 3 weeks and haven’t finished it yet! It could be due to my slow reading, but it’s more likely due to…

Netflix. Simultaneously watching Breaking Bad, Dexter and The League. Unfortunately, Bilbo Baggins takes a back seat to meth, murder and fantasy football.

Dream about shopping. I’m a self-proclaimed shopaholic. It’s under control. But I’m depressed about it. The only thing that keeps me going is to remember that one day I will have money. One day.

Think about employment. But realize it would get in the way of all my activities I planned weeks in advance. If I get a bartending job there go all my Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Shit.

Not go to the beach. The weather was not too favorable toward the end of August. And now it’s getting cooler and I went to the beach twice. I did manage to get burnt though. Success?

Take naps. This is a new development once I finished bartending school. Probably the best and least productive habit I could pick up. It feels like I have mono again, without the swollen lymph nodes, broken glass throat and inflamed spleen. So basically, it’s pretend mono. I can dig that.

On the upside, I have had time to look for jobs and pile up places to apply. That’s what the weekend is for. Fingers crossed somebody hires me next week! Seriously, cross those fingers. Even if it hurts. Even if you have to break them to get them over each other. Cross. Your. Fingers.


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