My Current Obsession: The League

Hey all, Toby here, trying to come back from that incredibly public berating and all too familiar guilt trip Corey sent me on Saturday. Feels good to know my presence was so important that my absence needed to be shouted from the high peaks of the internet. Positive spin. Another positive, Simon saw boobs. They may not have been nice boobs, but we can’t all be blessed with perky tatas. Mother nature’s curse.

This post is going to be devoted to one of the funniest shows on television. Sorry, Parks and Recreation is fantastic, but I’m talking about Amy Poehler’s boyfriend’s show, The League. A show centered around a group of friends that are obsessed with their fantasy football league.

In the past few years I’ve had a tough time connecting with sitcoms. My faith was restored with 30 Rock, The Mindy Project and New Girl, but my weekly line-up paled in comparison to the amount of TV I watched in high school. It’s probably for the best, since I’d spend about 4 hours in my bed staring at the television on Thursday nights. Damn you, NBC. You guys had a fantastic line-up in the early 2000s. You know what I’m talking about.

The key to creating a popular sitcom is the writing (in my professional opinion). Jokes need to be fresh, dialogue needs to be witty – we’re a difficult generation to please, things need to be uncool to be cool. Don’t ask. It’s confusing. The League offers a show with all of the above plus great chemistry, relatively predictable story lines which only get you more excited and genuinely funny actors. You and your friends will be ashamed of the insults you throw at each other once you hear these pros. The amount of lines you’ll be quoting from this show is equivalent to movies like Anchorman, Billy Madison and Zoolander (3 of my top movies to quote, the others being The Grinch, Finding Nemo The Emperor’s New Groove – all fantastic movies).

Here are some highlights from one particular character: Rafi. Probably the most offensive character, but he’s hilarious.

I love this show so much it makes me want to be in a Fantasy league and I don’t even watch football. Before you judge me, I understand football, I just don’t care enough to follow any particular team. But I want to. I already watched two football games in the past week and the season just started. Already I’m on a roll. I can throw out names like Adrian Peterson and RG3. I’m practically in their group! What’s even cooler is that all the characters are relatable. I seriously want to be their best friend. Really I want a love like Kevin and Jenny. And to not be Andre. No one ever wants to be Andre.

Unfortunately, I’m dangerously close to turning this into an unhealthy obsession. As opposed to doing work, looking for a job or finishing Dexter season 5, I’m re-watching The League and have already finished season one. I have also indulged my curiosity for the actors on IMDB and youtube. Three of the actors are from NY, two from Long Island. It’s fate.

If you like football, fantasy football or things that are hilarious you should definitely tune in to FX on Thursday nights at 10:30 for new episodes of The League. Definitely tweet me what you think. Nothing excites me more than getting a notification from Twitter, except Nutella on animal crackers…and ice cream.



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