Facebook Birthday Wishes: Everybody Wants Them

Thursday was my 24th birthday! Yay! I’m now a 24-year-old, so when I actually tell people that I’m 24 I won’t be lying. When you were a kid your birthday meant the world. You got a huge party, lots of presents and a butt load of sweets. Now I look forward to a nice quiet day without anything bad happening, a fun birthday weekend with more activities than alcohol and of course, birthday wishes on Facebook.

Birthday wishes always excite me. It’s like a surprise every year. Who is going to wish me happy birthday? How many of my actual friends will remember my birthday? Who still wants to be my friend? Who wants to crawl out of the woodwork? Who wants to be random and just add me to the list of hundreds of yearly Facebook wishes? Every year a slew of new Facebook friends send me happy birthdays. And I love it. Don’t act like you’re better than me and say that they don’t matter to you, because they do, otherwise you wouldn’t have a Facebook to begin with.

Honestly, it is the thought that counts. Oh, this person glanced at the top right corner of their screen and saw that it was my birthday and took a few seconds out of their day to write on my wall. Well, that’s nice. And I appreciate it. I also think it’s funny when it’s someone I haven’t spoken to in forever. Like, for-e-ver. But that’s just them being nice. Sometimes I see someone’s name on the birthday list and seriously consider wishing them happy birthday, but decide it’d be too weird since I know more about their life via Facebook than by actually speaking to them. By the way, have you ever ran in to someone in public and started a conversation with something you’d seen on Facebook? “Hey, how’s that new boyfriend, job and last vacation you took? Man, those pictures were pretty crazy. You looked happy…so…what else is new?” Awkward. That’s why I can’t see a majority of people I went to high school with. Or camp with. Or worked with. Really, anyone who I don’t actively speak with right now. So if we do bump into each other, just know it’s going to be awkward.

What’s also a big plus is counting how many people wish you happy birthday. Ever since college, my friend and I have had a competition to see who gets more wishes. Yeah, we’re pretty cool and not at all self-involved. Can I just say that quite a few of my friends forget to wish me happy birthday on Facebook so they’re really screwing me over. Like, it’s cool that you text me or call and make it personal, but write it where it counts. Thanks for being a true friend, but help me out and do what everyone else does. Because my friend always wins. Damn it. Seeing all those wishes does make you feel better, though. That you’re “loved” or at least remembered. I mean, that person liked you enough to wish you happy birthday. I feel like my Kram Comedy cohorts didn’t even write on my wall. Wtf, guys?

Whoever began the tradition of writing happy birthday wishes on peoples’ walls was a genius. While it has cut down the phone calls at midnight, it’s made it easier for randos to wish you a great day. Every little bit helps. And I love it. Judge me all you want. But if you have a Facebook, the same thing happens on your birthday. Don’t deny a small amount of satisfaction when you get all those notifications. It feels great. Try complaining about people liking you, see how many people feel sympathy. Wah, my phone keeps vibrating with notifications indicating people leaving happy sentiments on my wall. Time to join a different social media network then, bud. Facebook is a friendly place. We wish people happy birthday and “like” things.

So for all of you out there who read the blog AND wished me happy birthday, I sincerely thank you! While I did not write an obligatory “thank you” status, I do feel thanks and gratitude and will now have to write on your wall on your birthday to return the favor. Fingers crossed I remember you.



2 thoughts on “Facebook Birthday Wishes: Everybody Wants Them

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