Ranking Harry Potter Movies: Worst (as if) to Best

Harry Potter is on so I’m going to list the movies from worst (they’re all good by the way) to best.

1. Sorcerer’s Stone- Ah the story that started it all.  It’s not a bad movie by any means, it just suffers from being first and lacks the epicness and urgency that many of the later films have.  Maybe hindsight ruins it a bit or maybe I just can’t relate to kids anymore but regardless of the reasoning I have to put this movie first.  The House Cup at the end? Points being awarded? Does anyone even remember this by the later movies?  Sadly these parts of the movie seemed to die with Richard Harris.

2. Chamber of Secrets-  Mostly for the same reasons as the first movie.  Some huge things are introduced in this book (ie horcruxes, although you don’t know it yet.  These movies just don’t seem as big with disembodied and book-ghost Voldemorts.

3. Goblet of Fire- it’s actually pretty tough to make this list. These movies are all awesome for different reasons. Enter Voldemort, everything the first three books were leading up to. Along with the Tri-wiz, the beginning of hot Hermione (piss off, we were all 14 at the time), and overall better magic.

4. Prisoner of Azkhaban- this was my favorite of them for awhile and probably one of the best adaptations of the book. Sirius is pretty awesome too.

5. Half-Blood Prince- This movie was awesome but should have been better.  Leaving out the final battle at Hogwarts and Harry trying to take down Snape at the end is equivalent to an unforgivable curse.  I was disappointed in that.

6. Order of the Phoenix-  This movie had some holes, it’s hard not to when you’re trying to adapt an 800 page book.  The final battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort is stuff of legend, and quite frankly gets better every time I watch it.  Besides the part where Voldemort is controlling Harry from within an 80’s music video.

7. Deathly Hallows: Part 1- Sorry to end with the last two but I felt like I had to, considering I thought the last was the best and this movie sets the stage for endgame.  Lets go, the final battle is coming.  If you read the books you know where this is going, kind of like when I saw Revenge of the Sith.  The only question was how it was going to be portrayed.  The animation of the Beedle the Bard tale alone makes the movie great.

8. Part 2-  Come on, this is what it’s all been coming to.  The final showdown? Voldemort against Harry?  I open at close?!?!  This is some of the best shit around.  Loved characters dying for the cause? Heart crushing.  Everything crushing.  The summation, finale, the best of everything.  This was great.  I remember how awesome it was sitting in the theatre waiting for this to start.  Gripes: Harry never repairs his wand with the Elder before crushing it.


Let us know what you think about this Potterfans


Corey Aaron


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