A Haunting At The Crazy Jester

In the spirit of Halloween and continuing with the scary themed posts (see Simon’s post yesterday), I’m going to let you all in on my most recent paranormal encounter.

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog for a few months now, you’ll know that I’m a bartender (woo!). I got hired at the local dive bar in town and have been there for a few weeks. I’m lucky enough to work the night shift from 8pm-4am. Brutal. Fortunately, there has always been at least one person that stays with me until close so I’ve never been alone. And for good reason. The place is fucking haunted! I believe in 1996, a man was shot in the alley behind the bar and died. Either his spirit is still lingering freaking out innocent bartenders or it’s someone else that hasn’t passed on that really, really needs to.

My first two weeks were quiet and ghost free. I felt comfortable being alone at the bar just watching TV. However, that changed this Tuesday when I heard knocking coming from the wall behind the bar. I’d be in the middle of a conversation and hear a faint banging. I asked the guy if he was hitting his leg against the bar, which he was not. So, fairly freaked out, I continued to listen for the knocking. The guy only heard it once. But he heard it!! We also could have sworn we heard the door open, but I won’t add that because there is more than enough evidence pointing toward ghost.

Last night around, say, 2:30am, even scarier shit happened! I made the wise decision of watching The Sixth Sense. Classic scary movie about a kid who sees dead people. If you are unfamiliar with this movie please return to the rock from whence you came. Needless to say, I was already a tad freaked out from the puking girl that shows up in his tent even though she has a solid story line. Spoiler! There were three other guys in the bar. Two were in the back playing pool and one was outside smoking. Since no one was really at the bar, I thought it best to do my job and stock the fridge. The walk-in freezer is in the back of the kitchen. I turned on the light in the kitchen, because I wanted to see, and went into the freezer. When I came out of the freezer the light to the kitchen had mysteriously turned off!! I was basically stuck in limbo. Do I close the freezer and extinguish my one source of light in order to run out the kitchen doors or do I frantically cry for someone to come and turn the light on. I obviously went with option two and whined until one of the guys heard and turned on the light. That little incident definitely shook me up. Light switches don’t just turn off. They require a force to push them in the opposite direction. And if no one in the bar claims to have been the culprit, then that only leaves one plausible explanation – GHOST!

Don’t worry, the tricks don’t end there. After I’d been sufficiently freaked out, I returned to the bar to continue freaking out to one of the guys. He then heard a phone ring. I heard it to. Ya know what it was, the friggen payphone by the front doors! Who calls a payphone?! Who knows a payphone number?! Why are there still working payphones?! But okay, we let it ring for a while until it stopped. However, the phone was determined to be answered. When it was answered, there was either no response or a dial tone on the other end. And this went on for the rest of the night. Each time it was picked up there was nothing. Freaky shit. For a while, there was a lull in phone calls. Unfortunately, I let my potty mouth get the best of me and decided to politely tell the ghost to fuck off. It was not a fan of that and began calling the bar again. I then profusely apologized and asked the ghost to call me if it wanted to talk. Wanna know what happened next? I got a phone call on my cell phone from a number without caller ID. A NUMBER WITHOUT CALLER ID AT 3 O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING! NOT LESS THAN 10 MINUTES AFTER I’D WELCOMED THE GHOST TO A NICE LITTLE CHAT! I even answered, concerned it might be important. All I heard was shuffling on the other end. You know what though, it didn’t stop at one phone call. He called me SIX MORE TIMES! Seriously??

I wanted to cry. And leave. But we close at 4am. So I couldn’t.

That kind of stuff I can’t handle. I totally believe in ghosts. There are definitely incidents which can’t be explained by logic that are probably caused by ghosts. I’m just saying probably. It could be other things too. But if you feel like someone’s behind you or watching you from a distance…that’s because someone probably is…and that person is probably invisible…because it’s a ghost.

I realize this could all be a HUGE elaborate prank by the people in the bar with me. Since none of them admitted it I may never know. As of right now, I feel like we need some Long Island Medium action to help this ghost reach the other side before I actually shit my pants at work. I’m pretty confident no one wants to be around that. Teresa we need you!!

Still a little scared to go to back to work,

Let me know if you’ve had some kind of paranormal encounter! Then we can sit around a camp fire that we have to reach by walking through the woods and sit in a circle and throw dust onto the fire so the title of our story appears in the air. Oh wait, that’s a TV show. And if she doesn’t know Are You Afraid Of The Dark, she’s too young for you, bro.


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