Reasons To Have Kids: Halloween

I’ve decided that the best reason is to have kids is so you can successfully celebrate Halloween every year. As a childless adult the only candy we get is what we buy. I don’t want to spend money on stuff I know is going to make me fat – I want that for free. It’s a little weird for a childless adult to walk around on Halloween night to see all the adorable costumes running around. However, with a child of your own it’s totally acceptable. And with that child you can create fantastic family costumes. You can make your kid be whatever you want. I miss celebrating Halloween like a kid and the only way to relive those days is to have a kid. Decisions, decisions…

Another great reason to have a kid to celebrate Halloween is to trick them via Jimmy Kimmel style. The man asks for parents to prank their children by saying they ate all their Halloween candy. This joke has been running for three years. The first year was priceless because it had never been done before. The second year was eh, but this year was back to it’s original greatness.

If you’re like me, you’re going to keep watching Jimmy Kimmel clips. I just gave you Saturday morning plans.

You’re welcome,



3 thoughts on “Reasons To Have Kids: Halloween

  1. Thanks Toby, I was actually doing work for once and now I’m stuck on Youtube… But yeah when I have kids I’m totally doing this, so funny hahaha

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