Too Soon: When is it?

If you like to joke around and you’re somewhat good at being funny then you probably like to push the envelope from time to time, if nothing else in order to see what you can get away with joking about it. If you’re an actual comedian then you probably get a lot of leeway considering, you know, that’s what comics do.

If that’s not your profession and you’re one of those occasional envelope pushers then at some point, inevitably, you’ve heard the oft-used expression “too soon.” If you haven’t heard this before then you should probably check your envelope again, you might need to step up your game.

“Too soon.” Hmm. These two little words can be the bane of the “well-timed but poor taste” joke’s existence. Unfortunately for the casual joker, this type of joke depends on two factors that they can’t really control: the sensitivity of the subject matter to the audience and how much time has passed since whatever you’re joking about happened.

As far as the first factor is concerned you’re kind of shit out of luck. If the people you’re hanging with or whatever are pussies then unfortunately you’re just going to have to listen to them leak out of their vages for however long they feel like berating you for making a 9/11 joke or whatever.

Luckily you’ll probably know they’re like this before you go “too far” because they already gave you an earful or two for your casually innocuous use of the words “twat” or “faggot.” These just might  be the worst kind of people and should be eliminated from your group immediately. If you’re one of these people (which if that’s the case I’m not sure why you still read my posts) then all I have to say is that you’re a twatfaggot who needs to find a plumber for your leaky vag.

So you can gauge your audience for general twattiness as best you can and decide how much you feel like pissing someone off. That’s purely up to you.

The other factor is time. I’m going to make a blanket statement and say that as the present becomes more removed from an event, that event becomes more okay to joke about. “Too soon” indicates that whatever you joked about isn’t far enough in the past to comfortably joke about. The question that remains is when is “too soon”?

As a personal preference I’d say the answer to that question is “never” but for most normal people I’d guess it’s a sliding scale. And for some others there are things that it’ll always be “too soon” to joke about. How boring.

I mean I get it, there’s some bad shit that happens on earth. Kids get killed, single parents die, things get exploded, people rape other people. All bad things, sure. There are so many shitty things that happen that why can’t we all just laugh about them every once in awhile (I could go on and on about how the Joker’s “all part of the plan” speech contributes to this phenomenon but I digress)?

So when is “too soon”? I guess that really all depends on you. JFK assassination? Probably alright. 9/11? Probably okay for some but still sore for others. Sandy Hook? Probably not okay for most (and probably never will be okay for most). I could make a joke about all of these things if I so chose, and someone out there would probably laugh, but I won’t at this juncture. You might think it’s dick and insensitive but it’s almost always just about the joke, which is something I’m sure I’ll write about in depth in the future.

Rock on all you envelope pushers

Corey Aaron

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