How To Make A DIY Blog Post

As an avid pinner and wanna-be crafty person, I’ve come across plenty of DIY posts in my day. They vary from home improvement possibilities, seasonal decor, regular decor and fashion. Of all these projects I’ve pinned I’ve successfully accomplished zero and only half-assed one. Well, I didn’t half-ass it, but its appearance says otherwise. Super depressing. It’s a really sad fall wreath.

Later this week I intend to unveil my most recent DIY – repainting an old trunk! But first, allow me to describe the elements that make an outstanding DIY post.

First, you need a state of the art camera. Let’s be honest, the pictures these women (or men) take are  masterfully angled and tinted as if they’re all professional photographers. Instagram ain’t got nothing on these pics. It’s like these crafty ladies and stay-at-home moms were meant to be professional bloggers. Sometimes I envy their talent.

Once you’ve got the camera you need a neat work space to capture the perfection that will be your creation. I’d suggest a minimum of one full hour of cleaning using harsh chemicals and powerful vacuums. But that’s just me.

Okay, now you’re all set to begin laying out your supplies and tools! I suggest posing them so their labels face the camera and are visible and legible. Nothing upsets me more than not knowing exactly what brand of paint brush or scissor you used. I want to emulate your work, not exercise my own creativity!

Next step is to begin! Please take step by step pictures of everything you do. Like, step. by. step. I can’t tell you how many people just post the before and after. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW YOU DID THAT! Unless it’s some secret inherited skill that has only been in your family for generations, share the wealth. What brush stroke did you use? How exactly did you connect that piece with the other? Did you really curl your hair with a straightening iron? Because I can’t. And unless I see it in picture form done incredibly slowly, I don’t believe you.

Wonderful! At this point your DIY project should be complete as should your post! There’s no need to write and create simultaneously, of course. That’s silly. Take your time. You’re posting a masterpiece on the internet. Let’s not embarrass yourself.

So fingers crossed my next post isn’t embarrassing since it’s my second venture into DIY fun! Ah! I’ll be a crafty mom yet! You other moms will have no idea how to handle my craftiness.

Merry Christmas Eve craftsmen,


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