Leave Tired People Alone

A letter from every girl who’s ever been told she looks tired by a friend, family member or complete stranger:

Dear people who find it necessary to point out how tired someone looks,

We do not appreciate it.

There is no reason to deviate from normal conversation to point out our apparent exhaustion. Yes, we are tired. That’s why we look tired. We were so tired we didn’t have the energy to put on make-up this morning. I’m sorry the bags under our eyes aren’t properly concealed to give the illusion that we are awake. It’s good for our skin to feel fresh air for once and frankly it’s a hassle to do it every day (FYI that’s how we feel about shaving too). Give us a break. Just go with it. We may look hideous, but that’s how we look naturally. It sucks for the person that has to wake up to us every morning, but they get used to it. They even lie and say we’re pretty. You, on the other hand, don’t have to say anything. So don’t.

We know we look terrible. I’ve publicly apologized to the masses via twitter on days that I’ve consciously walked out of the house a disheveled mess. There is no need to comment on my hideous appearance or act concerned about my health. This is super annoying. No, I am not sick, so don’t ask.

@tobyjaye19: Music director said I look sick. Thanks for noticing how ill I look without make up

You think you’re being nice, but that’s the same as asking a woman if she’s pregnant. That’s a dangerous game, my friend. If you’re right, it’s exciting. If you’re wrong, you’re a dick. The same concept applies. Fortunately, you’re not addressing the issue of weight, just looks…which is still a sore subject. I’m not sick, bud, I’m fucking pale. It’s winter. How am I supposed to maintain my sun-kissed complexion in January? Maybe I don’t like tanning (even though I love it). Embrace my pale face and dark circles. I have. It’s my face so I don’t have a choice. There’s natural beauty there, you just have to look really deep.

Just let us be. We like to think there’s more to us as people than our appearance alone. There’s definitely plenty of topics to discuss other than the state of our well-being due to a hunch you had after looking at our face. Our first instinct is to be polite, perhaps make light of the comment, but we truly dislike that approach. Oh, we look different today? No, we didn’t get a haircut. My eyes look droopy because they’re not covered in mascara and eyeliner. I have droopy eyes! My constant expression is tired. All the time. Remember in Juno how that girl has a permanent stank face? Yeah, that’s me, only my face is about to enter the REM cycle. Unless I initiate our conversation with “Man, I’m so tired”, don’t bring it up. It’s unnecessary. You’re just going to reaffirm our thoughts earlier that day. Thanks for noticing I got 4 hours of sleep last night. Hell, odds are I probably got the required 8 but my body is convinced that doctors don’t recommend enough. Psh, what do they know. They always look awake. No one wants to go to the sleepy doctor. I don’t. But the half asleep bartender wrapped up in a cardigan at 2:30 am, yeah, she’ll make my drink just the way I like it: 20 minutes after I ordered it with a little bit of drool.

For all you people out there (men and women are equal offenders) that think it’s a good idea to basically tell a person they look like shit, word of advice, keep it to yourself. In the end, it’s better for everyone.

Now get some sleep, you look terrible.


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