A Little Friday Drivel

Unfortunately I don’t have much time to post tonight since I have a dinner to go to soon. It’s Friday, so that’s something worth celebrating, right? Ahh but it’s soo cold outside.  Seriously, it is pretty cold out there, really makes you not want to go outside and actually do anything. I’m sure even as you sit here and do whatever you waste time doing on the internet that Netflix series you’ve been binge-watching is becoming an ever more attractive selection of how to spend your night. Hmm maybe I’m just talking about Toby here.

No, maybe you’re a brave soul, perhaps set to traverse the city or beyond. Make sure you watch out for hobos wherever you go. They’re going to be cold, and cold people are dangerous. If you’re trying to do something different maybe you can go to  your local empty bar and try to creep out the bartender without getting tossed or arrested.  Bonus points if it’s a dudetender.

I’m really not sure what else to go on. Boobs? Are boobs what everyone wants? Sorry if you’re still burned by Simon’s linkbait post.  Everyone gets duped sometimes, but I’m sure you were able to use the power of the internets to find equally nice boobage and get over the epic disappointment.

So um, yeah. I guess um, good luck with whatever you were trying to do.  We can end this awkward exchange now.  Hopefully we’re both not going the same way, it’s always awkward when you have to kind of pretend to walk a little slower because you had already concluded the conversation and really have no more to say. Phew, we didn’t go the same way. That would have been awkward.


Corey Aaron

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