Respect the “T”

Day 9.

I’ve barely explored Boston. Mostly been exploring the few blocks around my house, half because I don’t want to get lost and half because it’s cold.

I did get a chance to ride the subway aka the “T”. You know what else is called the “T”? The bus. Why are they called the same thing? I couldn’t tell ya. In NY we have different names for our transportation. We like diversity, Boston. Not everything is the same just because it moves. However, the train is actually called the commuter rail. But that’s an actual train. And the subway can be above ground, like a train.

I don’t get it.

There is one thing redeeming about the subway system though. The conductor, or worker, whoever he was, would not allow the train to pull into the station until all the people were safely behind the yellow line. Now, I was too far behind the yellow line to see who was holding up the train from finishing its 20 foot trip, but I can only imagine how unsafe they were being. The guy made it seem like they were standing in the middle of the track. What was stranger was that this went on for a good 5-7 minutes until the train came in. What kind of person is so angry at the world that he won’t back up a step so the train won’t scratch his elbow!! People die in NY from subway cars all the time. Have some respect! Honestly, if it was NY that guy would have been pushed in front of the train for making people late. Literally, the worker was just telling him to move and he (or she, or a group) just wanted to rebel. I had to commend the guy for caring so much about the people but probably more about his job. It’s prob more than a slap on the wrist if a commuter gets injured.

Could you imagine what the NYC subway system would be like if they waited for people to back up behind the yellow line? Everyone lives so dangerously in the city. People cross streets willy-nilly despite crazy cabs trying to simultaneously share the road. I’m not that New Yorker. I’ve gotten ballsier, but not stupid. For instance, I stand behind the yellow line. Other subway riders throw caution to the wind and stand in the yellow line. Fear doesn’t paralyze these riders. It paralyzes me. That’s why i leave so much space between myself and the great metal beast that roams the underground tunnels. I have much respect for the subway. Other people should share that respect, especially because conductors can’t stop if someone happens to be too close to the edge or ya  know, if someone is on the tracks. It’s sad, but it happens. Not in Boston, though. That shit won’t fly.

(I’m not ready to be disowned by my family)


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