How Can I Follow Up a Post About Long Islanders?

Well if you haven’t read it yet, Toby’s post 5 Things Long Islanders Can’t Handle has been an immense success with the masses. In fact it was such a success that we even met with Justin Timberlake last night at a restaurant that we’ll definitely be able to pay off within the next three to five weeks. He left us with some pretty encouraging words. “You know what’s cooler than tens of views? Hundreds of views.”

So yeah, things are clearly on the up over here but I now run into the oft-disparaged position of having to be the follow up to something big. Damn I’m not going to lie I’m really starting to feel this pressure. What do you want to read? I mean it’s Friday and also Valentine’s Day so the answer is probably nothing.

Should I write another post about something Long Island related? No that would be super weak at this point. I know how much we all like reading about ourselves but I’m sure you’re all already over it at this point. Damn.

I mean there can’t be that much pressure right? Can’t all be first round picks as they say. I mean there’s almost never a big follow up act when you meet true greatness. Who the hell remembers the sequel to Star Wars or the guy that played after Joe Montana?

Whatever man, I bet y’all are on awesome dates full of wine, gelato, and poon-getting. Yeah I’m doing something cool too. I’m currently on my way to Boston with Simon. Hopefully we’re able to find a way to avoid Toby for a whole weekend. I haven’t been in awhile but I assume Boston is a big enough city to be able to not run into somebody if you don’t want to. Fingers crossed.

Enjoy your weekend e’rybody, hopefully you don’t have to be anyone’s sloppy seconds. Depending on who you’re competing with you might not enjoy your time.

War and hate (it’s opposite day),

Corey Aaron


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