A Post About Posts To Come

This weekend I drove back home to Long Island from Boston to attend a good friend’s surprise 25th birthday party. His girlfriend (who happens to be one of my best friends) planned this impromptu bottomless brunch and I missed everyone so much that I decided to come home just for this occasion. Twenty-five is a big deal.

I road tripped down with another friend’s girlfriend for the company and so we could both go. It’s nice having someone in the front seat that does more than stick his nose on the window and leave streaks. I had to deal with that this summer. Kidding. He was worse.

You don’t always get a solid first mate, but I did…this time. I’ll save the summer venting for a different post, or better yet, wait a few years for the book – it’ll be worth it.

This is a preparation post for the posts to come. These future posts will be beyond epic. Children will dream of writing posts with that much creativity, with intimidating vocabulary and with intense gumption. The Constitution will see a new amendment comparing the freedom of speech to a standard of our posts. The world will tumble and fall and the mountains will crumble to the sea. But you won’t cry, no you won’t cry. You won’t even shed a tear. Just as long, as you stand, stand by me.

Toby out.

But actually stares at the computer for a bit longer to make sure her post isn’t too ridiculous.

Realizes it is.

Leaves it.



If you do not want to see posts like this again, please leave suggestions in the comments below or tweet any of us and we’ll provide a post about your topic if it’s a good idea. If it’s stupid we’ll likely laugh at it, share it with all our friends and end up writing about it eventually because we all have days like this.


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