A Guy Signed “Thank You”

I hate other drivers. They’re rude, think they own the road and have no respect for the law. All other drivers. I don’t care who you are. I also dislike pedestrians. They think they can cross anywhere they like, walk as slow as they possibly can and give me no acknowledgement when I kindly let them cross without ramming my front bumper through their stomachs.

Today, I met a pedestrian I actually liked. I was at a stop sign in an unfamiliar area of Boston (aka all of Boston) and decided to make a lengthy stop to wait for my GPS to calculate. As I sat there, a few people crossed the street without looking both ways. This basic rule of thumb that you were taught the moment you could walk has been forgotten by most. Remember it. Practice it. It’ll save your life one day. You’re welcome.

One of the pedestrians turned and looked at me. We made eye contact. I, like the awkward person I am, gave him a thumbs up to cross. Yes. A thumbs up because I forgot basic protocal and turned the casual hand wave into a weird positive affirmation because I’m a member of a society that rewards you for being you. You know what the guy did? HE SIGNED THANK YOU! It was awesome! I so desperately wanted to sign “you’re welcome” in return but I was afraid to mix it up with “I’m sorry” and then he probably thought I was apologizing for something like maybe his deafness if that was the case. Nope, I just confirmed with a head nod and a smile. What I wanted to do was get out of the car and drag him into my car to take him home. Good thing my brain reacts slower than my body. My body remained seated in the car as he strolled off into the distance. Moment lost.

I think I’m going to start thanking people in sign language more often. I think I’m also going to learn how to say you’re welcome in sign language. That way if this ever happens again I’ll be prepared. I’ll also keep rope and duct tape in my car in case I decide to abduct anyone again. And chloroform. Or a bat.

Stay safe out there


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