The New X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer and a Look at The Scarlet Witch

So what do we have going on? Did they find that plane yet? Apparently it was hard for other countries to help out because the Malaysian government didn’t share info because it was “embarrassed” of their inferior radar systems. So you’re telling me a country that’s most known for sneaker factories that work children to death sabotaged all efforts to find this crash sight because they’re self-conscious of how good they’re able to detect planes and shit in the air? Actually I have no idea what Malaysia is known for, I just know that for some reason I always associate child sweatshops with it. Another score for ignorant Americans. Umm, wait.

Oh oh the second trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past (DoFP) came out and it’s seriously awesome:

This is probably the comic book movie that I’m looking most forward to that comes out this year (although that’s kind of a lie because I’m probably equally stoked for Captain America: The Winter Soldier to come out next week) and I’m even more excited because it looks like Storm dies! Now that sounds mean but Halle Berry really murdered the character and I’ll never forgive her or Brett Ratner for X-Men: The Last Stand.  Oof, okay, aaaand we’re back. That was a close one; I was really starting to see red.

But yeah, I was super excited for DoFP and this trailer has confirmed that I think I was right to be excited. Um. If you’re one of those people who’s given up on the X-Men franchise because of either the Last Stand or Origins (the shitty Wolverine movie) then I would implore you to give it another shot. Fox really reinvigorated the franchise with 2011’s First Class, which if you know anything about anything is definitively the best X-Men movie that’s been released at this point. Last year’s The Wolverine was also surprisingly good (who thought we’d ever describe a movie about the baddest of asses as “surprisingly good”), which I only say because Origins was so bad but go watch these two films if you haven’t already and maybe then you’ll share my enthusiasm for the impending release of DoFP. Okay, maybe not but do it anyway. The trailer above has something everyone will love, whether its Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick Stewart, and Halle Berry getting killed so at the very least give it a watch.

I’ll stick with the comic book thing for a little bit because I think this is also a cool development from today: the first pictures of Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch from the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron set!!! You can act excited, it’s okay, nobody’s watching. Alright here it is:

Left: Elizabeth Olsen Right: Drawing of the Scarlet Witch

Left: Elizabeth Olsen
Right: Drawing of the Scarlet Witch

As you can see the movie costume is decidedly more modest but what would you expect? I know, boobs, me too but what characters movie iterations keep the costume exactly the same as their comic iterations? Female comic characters are drawn as a kind of male fantasy but let’s be honest, a bustier, a cape and flowing underwear aren’t necessarily practical for fighting a giant evil robot. Actually her movie costume doesn’t seem super equipped for that task either. Fuck it, bring back the super-impractical sexy costume!

But in all seriousness I think her costume looks great and is pretty much exactly what I would have hoped for knowing that they were never going to do the comic version. I don’t know exactly what kind of style I’d peg it as but I think it suits the character, or at least suits how I think Whedon’s going to treat the character.

If you know nothing about what I’ve been talking about then I’m sorry and take pity on you. Go open a comic or something. At the very least go wikipedia. You probably thought I was going to link something for you. Ha, got ya. I bet your day is ruined.

I’ll do something remotely relevant to your life next time. If you’re as excited about these movies as I am let me know. Love the costume? Hate it? Hate me? Let’s hear.

Until then,

Corey Aaron

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