SNL Is Taking Over Late Night And I Like It

As of right now, all of Kram is in school for advanced degrees. We’re all suffering immensely. I’m not sure how they procrastinate, but I can guess. I’d say a mixture of random internet searches, porn and video games, in that order. Me? I watch Youtube clips. Every. Single. Time. It’s practically unavoidable (practically because of course will power is involved, but as it turns out, I have none). My weakness used to be Ellen Degenerous videos. That’s not to say I have forgotten about her, because that’s impossible. She’s the most amazing woman with eyes that dance. But I have drifted more toward late night talk shows now mainly because of the hosts.

Can I just say that Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers are phenomenal at late night television? I mean, yes, they were both on SNL so late night isn’t new to them and hosting a talk show isn’t new to Jimmy Fallon, but they’re complete naturals. All of their interviews come across as conversational and natural. They’re just chatting with their buddies. Seth Meyers especially brings up memories between he and his hosts and that makes the interview that much more special. They’ve basically met everyone currently famous thanks to SNL so people are probably more than willing to be on their shows.

My favorite part about The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is the copious amounts of singing, be it scripted or spontaneous. It makes you smile when people are that comfortable that they can be silly on national television. As for Late Night with Seth Meyers, he brings that charm he had on Weekend Update to 12:30pm. God, I love that man. He is such a bundle of joy. It’s sad how smiley I get when he tells a funny joke through the computer. No, Toby, he can’t hear you laughing. He doesn’t see you googling him with your wonderfully sparkling eyes. Your adorable dimple can’t be seen through the one-way previously recorded video. It’s a real shame. Because if it could, he’d totally smile back and turn me into a giggling mess. No, yeah, it’s best he can’t see me. Turns out I get horribly star-struck and lose all control over my verbal and motor skills. So he’d promptly turn around in confusion and strut away with his beautiful wife. End nightmare.

The SNL cast goes through different phases of fame. Many hit the big screen like Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell and Bill Murray. Others become television stars like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Andy Samberg. And now there’s a new breed of post-SNL success on late night talk shows. And ya know what, that’s how it should be. Their improv background adds to their comfort and charisma keeping them on their toes and in the conversation. Plus, their friends from SNL get to be on the shows and you never see them in interviews like Taran Killam and Kenan Thompson. AND they’re all back in New York!!

I only wish I could stay up late enough to watch either of them, or that I had a television in my room. If you guys could just do me a solid and just air those shows a little earlier yeahhhhh that would be great. Mamma needs her beauty rest and half the time that doesn’t even help. Once the sun comes out and I can tan again I’ll look public ready, but until then, it’s Youtube clips of my handsome, funny men instead of writing my thesis. That sounds like a good idea.

Rock on, boys.


PS- I’ve made a vow to myself that the first man to bring me to SNL will be the man I marry. Motivation or fear? You decide.


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