Hashtag New Relationship Probz: To Marry Or To Break Their Heart

One of my favorite blogs to read whenever it’s posted on Facebook is Thoughtcatalog.com. A lot of their writers channel what our generation is thinking…similar to this blog…right? Okay, kind of a stretch. The most recent post I read hit me real hard. It’s called 18 Ugly Truths About Modern Dating That You Have To Deal With. Out of the 18 bullets the author mentioned, #15 resonated through my body.

“15. Any person you get romantically involved with you’ll either wind up staying with forever or breaking up with them at some point. These are equally terrifying concepts.” 

Do you have any idea how true that is?? He basically fit my entire fear of dating into one sentence. I couldn’t have said it better myself, and if you read this blog, I’ve tried. I’d link a post to the previous sentence, but to be honest I’ve written about relationships so many times that looking through the posts will take up time that I don’t have…due to grad school. This is the reason I have trouble letting my guard down and falling in love, or just falling in general. This is also the reason I date people I can see myself marrying. It may seem crazy, but after that sentence above it makes absolute sense.

At almost 25 I’d like to be in a relationship that’s leading toward marriage. Obviously it has to start out somewhere so the beginning stages would preferably be coming soon being I’m still 24. Then at 25, BOOM!, relationship! Okay, now I really sound crazy. So let’s take a step back.

For those of you out there who feel the same way as I do, it’s okay. As they say in High School Musical, “We’re all in this together”. If you find your person, keep them close. If you and some person aren’t working out, let them go. But just know, that whenever I see a guy, I consider him a potential boyfriend. What? Who said that?!

We’re not in high school or college anymore where we (or at least I) can date for fun. Dating for fun is meaningless when you’re trying to find your best friend. Sure, you get free drinks or a meal (most of the time, see my last date) but how long will that keep you satisfied? Some people will say that they can just date for eternity. Others will agree with me and want to be in a relationship. Either way, that fear is still real. Every time you get serious with someone you’ll either be together forever or get dumped at the worst possible time in your life in the worst possible way. It’s science. Relationship science.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know! What’s your take on this dating dichotomy? Are you just starting a romantic relationship and feeling these exact feels? Please tell us. Please. If you don’t…welp, there’s not much we’re going to do.

At least it’s Spring.

And Game of Thrones is back.

All is right in the world.





2 thoughts on “Hashtag New Relationship Probz: To Marry Or To Break Their Heart

  1. Agree with this entire post… Starting a family is something I def look forward to, but in a way its a good thing that finding the right person is so difficult. But at least in the meantime there’s Thrones and this season looks like its gonna be amazing lol

  2. Yes, dating is risky and tricky, but what’s the alternatives? Weddings and funerals? I think if we accept that failure is the norm, then when Love does happen, it’s…wonderful. All the bad dates, mishaps, deceits and disappointments are quickly forgotten and seem a price worth paying. Dating isn’t easy for guys either…

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