WTF Boston Supermarkets!

It’s Passover. The worst time of the year for us Jews. Sure, we have to fast for one whole day on Yom Kippur but that’s nothing compared to cutting out bread, corn products and grains from your diet for 8 days. It’s tough enough to follow the food restrictions with Kosher for Passover options at the supermarket, but it’s even harder when all the option disappear once Passover starts!

Hey! Specifically Shaws and Stop ‘n Shop in Somerville! I’m talking to you! I am unbelievably offended that there wasn’t food there for me. Not everyone stocks up weeks in advance. I don’t. I’m 24…and a procastinator. You should continue to stock Matzah and gefiltafish until Passover ends! I just wanted Kosher for Passover grape jelly. That’s it. And I couldn’t even get that. You know what I could get? Basically nothing. Thanks bitches. During my visit to Stop ‘n Shop I nearly cried because I was so upset. Tears were forming in my sad Jewish eyes. When I asked, an employee sent me to the Seasonal section which makes sense, but all I found there was an entire aisle of Easter candy and baskets. Seriously? Not even one little section of Matzah, just bunny shaped chocolate. I was so sad that I almost walked out of the store without buying any of the other food I picked up. You’re lucky I hadn’t gone good shopping in 3 weeks.

Thanks for increasing my aggravation during the worst week of the year. I now hate all Supermarkets not located in Jewish neighborhoods and am disgusted with the lack of options for my people.


I’m going to write a letter!

Moses’ disgruntled ancestor

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