My “Other” Job

Okay, Internet, many of you know that my zoo internship is unpaid. Well, probably not many, but enough of our readers know. In the absence of a paycheck from my preferred job, I need to find another form of income that would be interesting and flexible. Bartending was an option, but no one wanted to hire me for the first month I looked. I grew incredibly anxious that I wouldn’t be able to afford rent or groceries and needed to find something that pays.

I considered prostitution for a hot second, then realized it wasn’t worth it. A Deuce Bigalow situation could have been arranged but I doubt men are as open about paying for friendship as the women were in that movie. I even considered dating old men as a companion because those girls get paid thousands of dollars. If you’ve caught on, my ideas weren’t exactly well-thought out or self-respecting. Instead, I decided that I’d sell sex toys. Now, not just sex toys, as most people like to believe.

Pure Romance is a company that set out to empower women and educate them with relationship enhancement techniques with in-home parties. Basically, I go to my hostess’s house, show them a good time for about 2-3 hours and then leave them to the rest of their night. Pure Romance has a killer bath and beauty selection for those more interested in getting an extra boost of sexy on the outside, and then of course there are the products that give you that extra umph on the inside (ifyaknowwhatimean).

This post is for the guys out there that think all I do is go around to peoples’ houses and flash them dildos and vibrators from the inside of my coat. It’s meant to be an experience, a party if you will, where friends get together to laugh and learn about sex. Women can have parties like this. Men…well, I’m not sure how productive it would be. That’s why women go, to get what men really want. Wink, wink.

I’ll even throw in a Pure Romance commercial to help you grasp the concept:

(Shameless advertising) Check out my website to see what we have to offer!

If you’re looking to:
– spice up your relationship with your partner
– spice up your relationship with yourself
– get the girls together for a fun night in
– improve your sexual health
– have a more enjoyable sexual experience
– be sexy

Then you’ll be looking in the right place!
If any of these products interest you, email me at

As Nike insists:

Just Do It.


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