You Probably Don’t Know What Makes You Attractive


You ever be stalking the Facebook/Instagram of someone you have like a huge man/lady boner for?  I’m talking about that one dude/lady who’s crazy attractive.  They hit all the right buttons in your visual loins.  They’ve got the perfect shaped this, and just the right amount of that, and holy shit those whatever, my god, so perfect.  You ever go through the pictures of that insanely attractive gift to man/womankind and stumble upon a few pictures of them that looks like this?


Actually now that you think about it, they look terrible in most of their pictures.  What the fuck gives?  They look so attractive in real life but they look so terrible on the internet?  How am I going to show off to my friends when I finally hookup with/start dating/impregnate them?  Well, sadly, my friend, this problem is all too common.  You see, most people, including me and you, don’t actually know what makes us attractive.

Don’t believe me?  Think of the person right now who you find most physically attractive.  Go on their Facebook and look at their profile pictures.  I guaran-dam-tee that there are a whole bunch of pictures, that they themselves chose, that look terrible.  It’s crazy how different our own self-image can be from the image other people have of us.

Perfect example, I’ve been told by others that I have a nice smile, but, as evidenced by all of my school pictures, I can’t smile naturally on command.  It’s rare that you’ll ever catch a picture of me with a natural smile.  Once I see that camera my big doofy fake smile comes out.  As a result almost all of my profile pictures/selfies are of me not smiling, which I’m assuming to all others, looks really dumb and serious.

I mean who’s at fault here?  Is beauty really only in the eye of the beholder, or can it be in the eye of the beholded.  I’ve always been a personal fan of the “I think I look good, so I look good” mentality, so hey, if that what they think is the best picture of them, so be it.  Now this is the complete opposite problem of another problem a lot of people are facing now in the age of quick online dating apps.  People being uglier in real life than their pictures.  I think it’s pretty easy for me to pick which one of those two problems is worse, so I guess I should stope complaining so much.  OR I should start complaining about that other problem.  SEE YOU ON SATURDAY


Peace and Love,

Simon Levit

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