Terrible Life Decisions

1. Eating an entire Dominos pizza in one sitting.

2. Changing lanes in traffic to a seemingly faster lane only to be fooled into having hope.

3. Wearing high heels for an entire night.

4. Having one more drink at the end of the night.

5. Sleeping on a floor. Any floor. Could be at a friend’s house, could be at a McDonald’s.

6. Driving anywhere when your gas tank is on E.

7. Pointy finger nails.

8. Using a knife to transfer Nutella from the jar to your mouth.

9. Separating the group in a horror movie. Everyone will die.

10. Marrying Tom Cruise.

11. Producing 19 children…and counting.

12. Meth.

13. Drinking and driving. #seriously

14. Taco Bell.

15. Drunk texting.

16. Pretending to steal a child.

17. Listening to Justin Bieber.

18. Sending nudies via Snapchat. They will get screenshotted.

19. Searching your symptoms on WebMD.

20. Tinder.
What are some of your terrible life decisions? Let’s hear them!! Comment below or tweet me @tobyjaye19 !


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