Rationalizations for Staying In Tonight

1. “I don’t have much time to go out anyway so it won’t really be worth it to go anywhere.”

2. “The bars are always so fucking crowded.”

3. “I can definitely fit in like five episodes of Suits instead of going out.”

4. “They didn’t come out for my birthday so fuck them.”

5. “I can just drink at home, and I don’t have to bother with any shitty people I don’t want to have to be around.”

6. “There’s no way I’m getting laid anyway”

7. “There’s leftover pizza in the fridge that someone has to eat.”

8. “Ugh Long Beach is just so far away.”

9. “It’s always so damn loud.”

10. “There’s almost no chance I’ll get murdered if I don’t go out.”

11. “I can do something productive instead. Yeah.”

12. “I won’t have to worry about all the poon I’d surely drown in.”

13. “I can put the money towards something good, like preventing human trafficking!”

14. “I’ve really been meaning to watch the second Hobbit.”

15. “I can get to sleep early and do morning activities!”

16. “I didn’t even want to go anywhere anyway.”

17. ” I still have to eat and shower so there’s just no way it’s happening.”

18. “I don’t want to have to drive but nobody else does either.”

19. “Hm I guess I haven’t jerked off in awhile.”

20. “I really don’t mind being alone.”

21. “I could just get Taco Bell instead.”

22. “It’s just such a hassle to go anywhere.”

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