Men, What’s The Point Of Leading Us On?

Men, this ones for you! I have a bone to pick with you. One I’m sure you have to pick with women also, but I’m writing this bad boy and am very curious to find an answer to this issue. It may even be something you don’t even realize you’re doing, then again it could be completely intentional. If it’s the latter, you’re a dick. If it’s the former, then get your shit together and be aware of your actions so you don’t seem like a dick.

Now that you’re committed to finding out what the problem is, I’m going to stall a little longer.

Just kidding. I’m tired. So my question is, why do men seem totally interested in a woman either by flirting in person, or actual texting conversations or even through harmless snapchats that you’d imagine an interested person would send, but the next minute screw the person over and never return their messages and act cold like the woman imagined you liking them. Did you follow me on that one? Sorry, it’s been a long day. Basically, why do guys lead girls on? Maybe one day I’ll give you a girl’s perspective or at least write about it, but for now let’s focus on the penises of the world that talk to a girl and get their hopes up for finally having a shot at a healthy, loving relationship and BOOM, taketh all away in one fell swoop of ignores.

What do you have to gain from this? If there’s no interest then just be a grown ass man and say it, Avoid as much shadiness as possible because no one deserves that. You owe that person the courtesy of at least a “yeah, this isn’t going to work out” rather than stringing them along while they hope you’re just playing games. Then you have the girl waiting for you to contact her because she doesn’t want to seem desperate or she’s nervous you’ll view her desire to talk to  you as desperation. If you are interested then you’re doing a shitty job of letting her know. Drop the games, pal, and just talk to her like any other human being. Guess what, if you guys go on a date, you’ll have to *gasp* talk! Games are for children that don’t know how to be real. It’s not necessarily cut and dry, but it can be. If you like someone, tell them. They might just like you back. One less thing to worry about.

Comment below if you’ve ever done this, why you’ve done this, or if you’ve had this done to you! I want to get to the bottom of this ridiculously important issue!

Stop leading that girl on, bro. Yes, I’m talking to you.


3 thoughts on “Men, What’s The Point Of Leading Us On?

  1. I’ve never intentionally done this but have been accused of it before. Me and many of my male friends feel that we’ve been led on by numerous women kinda like you’re describing men doing to the ladies. I think its probably the result of mistaking friendly gestures and thinking there’s real affection where there isn’t. Also cause even if two people do really like each other and want to date they often feel the need to flirt first instead of just asking each other out lol.

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  3. I don’t believe anyone has ever accused me of such actions; however, I have had the unpleasant experience of being on the “WTF” side of this issue thanks to some women. It just confuses the shit out of me.

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