Generation Gap: Inappropriate Cellphone Use

I remember a time when the older generations used to get upset with kids and their technology. We’re constantly on our phones, ipads, kindles, disc men, wait…sorry. That last one is super dated. We’re mostly on our cellphones. A big complaint is that we fail to enjoy the real world because we’re too involved in the world of technology and information. It’s difficult to walk down the street with your phone tucked away somewhere rather than safe in your hand. Ever try holding your phone and not glancing at it or texting while crossing the road? It’s tough, I’ll tell ya that much. I have to remind yourself “Tob, you’re about to cross a road…with cars…that could care less that you’re crossing. Stop texting and look up for a sec”. Yes, that’s my inner dialogue. We have a good time.

Good luck having a night out with friends or family cellphone-free. I make an effort to keep my phone away and out of sight when hanging out with my friends and family. My time and energy should be focused on the person I’m with, not the one I can’t see. It’s important to keep those in-person meetings count because we don’t get that many.

I’m writing this today because my parents came to visit me for a whole 3 hours to pick up my dog. Yup, my parents drove a total of 8 hours round-trip to come bring my dog back home because he’s too afraid to go on walks. Loud noises freak him out. Anyone have a solution? Right, he’s not the issue… So my parents and I decide to go out for lunch to Boston Burger Company. Great burgers. And I kid you not, the first thing both of my parents did the minute we sat down was whip out their phones and check-in on Facebook and take a picture of where we were. Meanwhile, I already had my phone zipped up in my purse to avoid being rude. Um, excuse me parents, but your focus should be on the person sitting across from you, not the screen directly below you. Obviously I gave them a talking to about being polite at the table. It was only fair.

I just don’t understand when this became the norm, when cellphones became a permanent appendage. It’s time to cut them off and velcro them on. Velcro is removable, as cell phones are or at least should be. I’m overly curious as to when it became appropriate or accepted to have phones at the table. When I was a kid it wasn’t okay but all of a sudden the parents that once scolded their child for having technology at the table are now breaking all the rules they set in place. Relax parents, you won’t miss anything crazy on Facebook. Your email will still be there once dinner is put away and Candy Crush will still suck if you put it down.

It’s going to be really interesting to see how our generation, the millenials, raise our kids. I’d like to imagine that we revert to the way we were raised and teach our kids how to have fun outside, instead of moving toward that crazy parent that doesn’t let their kid do anything. Sorry, people, but those parents suck.

Get off your phone!

Enjoy the world, ya idiot!



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