About Us

From the fiery depths of Westbury, New York sprang 5 heroes, destined to bring about peace and justice throughout the world. When their forces combine they bring forth the mighty Megazord, whose sword of power…Oh, you’re actually reading this? Shouldn’t you be studying or working the corner or something? No? Okay I guess I have to take this seriously then.

The Kram Comedy improv troupe was founded in Westbury, New York by 5 former students of W.T. Clarke Highschool’s drama club. There, that about covers it. No? You need more information? Fine.

The Kram Comedy improv troupe was found in 2013 by 5 former students of W.T. Clarke High School’s drama club. Each member has previously been a part of numerous improv shows during their high school careers as well as annual graduate improv shows during their college years. They currently perform live improv shows throughout the Tri-State area. This blog is their home on the internet and contains pretty much anything they find funny. All of them are of legal age of consent and most of them are down for butt play. What, still not enough? Okay fine, if you combine the length of Corey’s and Simon’s they would average out to about 11 inches.

There, thats all I’ve got. If you really need to know more you can go to our “Bios” page. For booking information you can contact them directly at kramcomedy@gmail.com. Also, be sure to like their page at facebook.com/kramcomedy and follow them on their individual twitter accounts for added hilarity.

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