Toby Klein

Toby is a girl. She is currently unemployed with a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and struggling to complete her Master’s degree in Biology. She is one cat shy of becoming a cat lady and has the potential to be a future candidate for Animal Hoarders. Her heart also belongs to her dog. She found him in South Dakota and coaxed him in to her car with treats, coincidentally, that’s also how she got her last boyfriend. Kidding! She drugged him. She’s been doing Improv for about 8 years and sincerely enjoys performing and making people laugh. One day she hopes to make a career out of it but for now it’s her favorite hobby next to reading, The Real Housewives and eating Nutella.

Corey Aaron

Corey is currently a law student who owes enough money to the government to pay for an extravagant nights worth of Congressional strippers.  When he isn’t procrastinating his mountains of assigned reading and stressing about his probable future unemployment, you can usually find him drinking copious amounts of alcohol to try to cope with his assigned reading and future unemployment.  The group’s most likely candidate for “know-it-all”, He displays narcissistic tendencies and lacks even a modicum of empathy, but tries not to be a dick about it.  His interests include craft beers, boobs, and trying to make prop bets on anything.  He tends to enjoy novelty things that no one else does but isn’t self aware enough to admit that hipsters do this too.  He aspires to one day genetically engineer Pokemon (hey, they did it with broccoli) and take back the term “cracker.”

Simon Levit

A man with everything to lose, not much is known about what he does for a living.  Suffice it to say that he is 20 something with a bit too much expendable income and a bit too much free time.  An accomplished improv comedian and unaccomplished musician,  he’s bound to reference his genetalia at least once per show .  A self-professed “nerd,” Simon’s interests include tech, video games, science fiction, astro physics, bad music, and blue LEDs.  Simon has the largest penis out of any of the writers besides Corey and Toby.  He loves Haagan Dazs ice cream bars and his favorite Apples to Apples card is “AIDS.”

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